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Latest Reviews

"Excellent location for our business...only issue is sometimes parking during the lunch hour."

The Woodlands

"Fantastic location, very close to restaurants...well maintained building."


"Checks all the necessary boxes. Nothing fancy….AC system could use some work."

Cypress Station

"Problems with the maintenance...but great experience besides that."

The Galleria

"Landlords will fix every problem we have...they are great but sometimes it's hard to get in touch."

River Oaks

"Problems with our landlords and aware"


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Lease Grader

Want to know how you did on your last lease? Get professional, actionable feedback on your lease, an industry-first!

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Find out how much space you really need...and then find it. Estimate using rooms, people and plan your business' future, today.


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Education Center

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A few of our latest articles:

Why companies are fighting back against “dark data” in commercial real estate.

The simple truth is this. With the vast majority of money, influence and data being structured around serving the ownership groups and their representatives, the Tenant is a historically under-served group. This is especially true of smaller tenants. No matter the fact that small business accounts for over 30 Billion Square feet of occupied space in the USA alone. The reality of the CRE world is that making leases (deals) is an industry focused around commission, production and volume…and that is going to leave the smallest users behind. (read entire article...)

To co-work or not to co-work? That is the question.

We’re seeing companies both small and large embrace the idea of flexibility and collaboration in the workplace. These are great innovators, taking oftentimes difficult, underutilized space in office buildings and warehouses and converting them to useable, functional spaces that the general business community can access. But what are the true costs of coworking? This post aims to lift the veil a bit so you understand the pros, cons and like everything we do at Tenavox, the real deal, when it comes to leasing space. (read entire article...)

How to assess retail locations like a Pro.

The old way of thinking about retail locations still rings somewhat true. Locations can be broken into pots, those pots defined by preferred demographic factors and hopefully bolstered by positive traffic numbers. Bonus points for co-tenants that a retailer may have synergy and previous experience with. But these factors are based on data that is hard to find, and is often outdated. So how do the big boys pour gas on the fire and make sure their locations are going to hit sales targets? Simple: they plan. (read entire article...)

Top 11 Leasing Tips

Have a plan up front. And that plan should start with some important questions. Get together with your team and decide how much space you will need, how long that will hold your business, what is your budget? Get answers to these questions before searching for space. (read entire article...)

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