Why Join Tenavox

Why Rental Space Reviews Matter

Why Tenants Should Join

For the first time, get quality feedback from real Tenants to learn what other businesses really think about their buildings.

We use a professional algorithm to predict what you should be paying for a lease, not just what someone is asking you to pay.

Get access to enterprise-level tools for searching, filtering and analyzing buildings as well as deal terms to ensure you negotiate your lease with the best quality information.

Finally, tap into our vast resources for guiding you through a lease from start to finish. Calculate your space needs, calculate commute logistics and more..

With Tenavox you will find out what it’s really like to be a Tenant in a building before you sign a lease. With Tenavox it’s always free for Tenants.

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Why Join Tenavox

Why Rental Space Reviews Matter

Why Landlord & Building Reps Should Join

While Tenavox exists to serve Tenants we do know that Brokers, Landlords and Building Reps have some questions about who we are and how we do things…

Tenavox was formed by industry veterans that have actual, real-life experience in the leasing, management and ownership of commercial assets. We are not some tech-enabled platform here to sell you on the merits of email campaigns, listings sites, newspapers ads or the like. We are here to do something different.

By creating a true tenant-driven platform we believe we landlords and representatives will have a marketplace that currently does not exist in the industry. In the current climate for marketing properties in commercial real estate listing sites provide exposure for assets...but to who? Let’s be frank, most of the time “inquiries” and “leads” from these sites are unvetted, or the same old brokers. Listing sites ASK you for your data to be updated constantly, and then sell it back to you in the form of online listings.

What quality of leads do you currently receive from your marketing efforts? Basic interest from various sources at best. Where’s the qualification? At the end of every day, all a broker has is their time.

What do I get with Tenavox?

By aligning with the Tenant, we become a resource for them to operate and make better decisions. Imagine having a more educated, satisfied consumer (Tenant) of your lease assets?

  • Hyper-targeted promotion. At Tenavox, you only pay for access to a community of direct leads from business decision makers. Stop paying for leads from brokers and unqualified sources.
  • Save serious time by only working with qualified decision makers that are interested in your assets. Our exclusive smart-match only connects qualified and interested Tenants to your assets.
  • No more wasting time endlessly keeping up with updating lease spaces. With Tenavox, update what type of Tenants you’re looking for less than a minute , anytime, anywhere, make sure you’re spending time on what matters most, making deals!

More questions? See our FAQ.