Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What is Tenavox?

Tenavox is where small business goes to make better lease decisions. We are the first Tenant-driven platform for business decision makers to find, search, compare, research and learn about commercial properties in their market. We offer our members the opportunity to be heard and gain access to real, moderated reviews from businesses, compare deal points and learn about Tenant experiences on the buildings in their area. Get access to enterprise level data, tools and resources, all 100% free. We provide Tenants with a voice. Businesses get reviewed in every facet of their daily cycles, from service to employment, often with no opportunity to mitigate or respond. At Tenavox, you have the power. Have an issue with a Landlord? Take your voice and post feedback online to motivate your Landlord to be accountable in a public way. Crowdsource resolutions on issues in your building along with other Tenants. Think of us as your commercial leasing resource, with fantastic tools, curated information, guides on the structure/terms of leases, blogs with helpful CRE content and the ability to have your questions and concerns heard publicly for the first time in a commercial lease. We are here to make leasing commercial property more transparent, more efficient and ultimately a better experience.

What Kinds of Tenants Should Use Tenavox?

All Tenants of commercial real estate can use Tenavox. This includes Office, Retail, Industrial and Flex assets. We want to hear from you today. Make your Landlord and their representatives be responsible and accountable to you, heck, YOU pay the rent! Be treated like a human being, not a number on a spreadsheet.

Who can post a review?

Anyone who can access information about their organization's lease and is a part of their company's lease decision process. You'll need some simple info from your lease and less than two minutes to post a review today.

How Long Does a Review Take?

We love reviews because reviews really are what helps other Tenants. We want to make this process as efficient as possible for our members. Our process is less than five questions. We ask these simple questions to ensure the person making a review is qualified to do so, keeping our reviews and data of the highest quality and relevancy to our members.

Why Post a Review?

Here are a few of our favorites….

  • Motivate your Landlord and their representative to be the first public platform for Tenant experiences.
  • Get answers and solutions to concerns in your building as well as improvements you would like to suggest.
  • Find out what other Tenants are saying about your building and your market today.
  • Help other businesses be more aware of a building and their representatives, raise the level of transparency!
  • And more….

What Should I Put in a Review?

Really anything you feel is worth sharing with the community. Please try to stay away from statements not based on facts, profane descriptions or insults, this is a business site and we're interested in constructive reviews for the community. Thanks!

Can I Update/Edit My Review After Time?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it. Communication is the driving force behind Tenavox. In an ideal scenario your review leads to real change, a question being answered, improvements being made and many other positive outcomes. Please note we re-moderate your edits for consistency and quality as well.

Where Do You Get the Deal Information for Comparing Rents?

We compile data from a multitude of sources in order to predict a range of Gross PSF/YR rates to display to our members. These include market data, tenant data, comparable leases, economic factors and much much more. It's a guideline for our members to start their lease negotiations. Here's our legal guideline

"Tenavox uses a proprietary algorithm derived from a variety of market sources, Landlords, Tenants and other relevant data sources to estimate a range of expected lease rental rates over the potential term of a user's lease. Under no circumstances is this a quote, lease term or brokerage business offering to any user on this site. Rather, it is a guidance point for users to estimate budgets and begin negotiations. As always, the best source of information is the lease document itself and no term displayed on our site should be construed as an offering of any kind, implied or otherwise. Lease terms encompass a variety of factors including but not limited to, availability, credit profile, financial backing, timing, legal terms, and many more. No lease is completed until both parties both execute a binding legal document. Seek legal, financial and professional real estate advisory counsel where appropriate and it is strongly recommended by our company. For more information please refer to our terms of use."

Is It Legal for Me to Post?

Yes. At Tenavox every review can be made anonymously and our questions ensure you are not posting anything confidential. This gives our members peace of mind and comfort that any information and review they provide is secure and safe. Your security is our highest priority. Learn more in our Terms of Service.

Will My Landlord Be Mad If I Post a Review?

While we can't answer the question for every Landlord, our feelings on the subject are simple. For too long, good, quality information has been held behind a "wall" by Landlords, Brokers and Property Managers. The process of securing a good commercial lease is purposely difficulty and onerous on Tenants to drive the use of Landlord representatives and make the deal as painless as possible for the ownership (and more profitable for them.) It's time for a balance in the power dynamic to occur.

With Tenavox you can make your Landlord/Broker/Property Manager accountable for their assets in a public forum. Motivate your building owners and representatives to be better, to respect your role in the income valuation of an asset and to solve issues that may arise in an engaging, responsible manner. We believe the information and reviews your provide make Landlords work to be better, which can only benefit them in the long turn, as well as our members.

Why Do You Moderate the Reviews?

For protection and quality control of the information submitted. At Tenavox we are not interested in a "forum" style site where any random, non moderated review can be posted. We are interested in having our members access quality information and real reviews. In addition, we want to make sure Landlord's get constructive feedback that motivates them to respond and engage with their Tenants in a responsible way. Our process ensures every review is data checked for market accuracy, contacts are moderated and reviews are not profane or defamatory. This is a business site after all.

Will You Encourage My Landlord or Their Representative to Respond?

Upon submission of a Tenant review we reach out to our contact for the building to let them know feedback is coming and to encourage them to communicate, respond and be as engaged as possible. We make this process easy, efficient and welcoming. It's 100% free for them to claim their building and respond and signing up takes less than five minutes. Whether a building representative (Landlord, Broker, Manager) ultimately responds to a review is up to them. The science is simple, users are more attracted to ownership groups who are interested in answering questions and solving problems instead of hiding behind a wall. Furthermore, being engaged and active in our community is a surefire way to make their assets look appealing to Tenants and prospective users...and we bonus them in our ratings for being responsible. So it's really a win win for both parties.

I Already Filled Out a Tenant Satisfaction Survey for My Landlord, Why Should I Use Tenavox?

Did you ever see the results of your survey responses being implemented? Who took the survey, the Landlord, property manager, broker? What about your other co-tenant responses, did you get any indication on their feedback? The answer 99.9% of the time for Tenants in commercial real estate is no. The simple fact is Landlords want to collect your information (and rent) and then stick it into a file for an annual meeting. If you're lucky they will read about half of those surveys and then hope and pray your Landlord actually makes a change or takes your suggestions seriously. With our platform you put that feedback front and center, in a public forum. See the difference? With Tenavox in less than two minutes of time your responses create a significant and publick motivation for real change in your landlord, their representatives and your local market. Make sure your Landlord hears you!

What Do the Ratings Mean?

In a nutshell, we take the general Class standards of buildings *accepted BOMA practices for commercial properties and combine those with our unique algorithm to give members a relevant, digestible rating on an asset. Class "A" or "B" doesn't mean much to a Tenant at first glance. Our system takes into account Tenant feedback, comparable deals, market conditions and much more to ensure each building's proprietary score is accurate for our members. Additionally, Landlords are rewarded for solving issues and responding to reviews for our members. Being a better Landlord should be rewarded in our system.

How About the Way You Display Rates, Is It an Estimate?

Our team has a proprietary algorithm we developed that takes into account a bevy of factors for Tenants in our predictive method for effective rent ranges. These can include market conditions, tenant comparables lease data, quoted rents and many more with the goal of providing our Tenant members with a range of where they should attempt to make their lease deal. For more information on why effective rate is so much more useful than "quoted" rate when comparing commercial lease opportunities please refer to our leasing guides . We also have tools planned in the near future for our members to take actual lease terms and distill them into actual effective rates for their potential or current leases. It's all about transparency and looking at apples to apples, with Tenavox that's what you get. Check back soon for updates to our model and visual representations of our ranges as well.

I Have a Question on My Building's Range, How Do You Calculate the Effective Rent Ranges?

Our effective rent range attempts to use a variety of factors in distilling a range for our Tenant members. We have done the work of collecting data on over one Million commercial properties in Texas alone,. We use a combination of factors, including a building's overall rating from our Tenant members to predict a pattern between a property's characteristics and the overall market. The amount of data we have on your asset can directly impact this range as well, to update or provide us with more information on your building click (here) and we're happy to review.

Is There a Cost for Joining?

Tenavox is 100% Free for Tenants.

Tenavox is not a listing site. No Landlord can pay us to have their building promoted on our site without Tenant feedback, driven by our members. We source our information from the Tenants, Public Records and a variety of other key partners (NOT Landlords) to ensure you don't just see another "listing" or advertisement (let's call it what it is). Our building pages are all 100% built and maintained by our team. Instead of charging fees to our members we just ask you help our community out with a review. We provide the experiences of our members and information on a building in a way that businesses have never had access to before. With every moderated review we empower our members to make better lease decisions.

Landlords and their representatives do pay a fee for the right to connect with you as a Tenant and a decision maker. You decide who and how you want to be contacted on Tenavox.

How Do You Decide How Many Submarkets Are in an Area?

We use our proprietary Tenant-driven mapping process to expand on the traditional brokerage submarkets. This gives more value to our members with a wider area. For example, the Houston Office Market has traditionally been broken into twenty-eight submarkets...we have ten. You can see the difference when you think as a Tenant. We do.

Do Other Services Have the Same Information?

Put simply? No. Tenavox is the only product for Tenants that provides real, moderated lease experiences to their members. We also have exclusive ratings and our effective rent ranges to help Tenants decide not only which buildings are best for them but what they should be paying for a lease, not a quoted rate or advertisement. We're 100% about giving Tenants the best information possible so they can make the best possible lease decisions, all in one place. We're a community for Tenants, not a listing site, not a broker, not a bid request. We give you real information from real Tenants.

Can Landlords or Their Brokers Join?

Yes, Landlords and their representatives can all respond to reviews on our site for free, anytime, anywhere. We are all about transparency. We connect this process for free. However, If a Landlord wants to become a premium member they can join for the ability to provide our members with their flyers, professional pictures, floorplans, and videos. Our system of "smart-matching" preferences is an industry-first. Tenants only get matched with the buildings that are relevant to them and Landlords are only matched with Tenants who are interested and qualified for their buildings. We also give them access to the reviews in their building so they can find ways to get feedback,improve their assets and become better Landlords. You will never be advertised too on Tenavox and you will only be connected with decision makers at a building when you prompt us to do so.

Have a question on who represents who in a lease transaction? Check out our leasing guides.

Who Should Claim a Building?

We generally suggest the listing broker should be the usual claimant for their lease assets. Most buildings are "listed" by a brokerage and then represented by an individual or team within that brokerage firm. Since they are typically most active in marketing and positioning the asset for maximum leasing viability this is why we start with Brokers. However, we allow property managers and owners to directly claim a building as well. This is all free of course and responding to a review is your opportunity to put the asset in its best light, so a team approach to responses can be helpful. For free accounts we only allow one responder per building page account, for larger assets with multiple members of a leasing team or management group we have enterprise accounts with additional seat licenses available here. (link to pricing premium) We strongly suggest become a premium member as soon as possible, the benefits are stark in contrast to a free account and really drive qualified leads and additional experiential feedback sources for a building. Click here to learn more.

Note: We have a strict verification process to allow for claiming of a building and we only allow authorized claimants as described above. Any attempts to claim a building that is not owned, represented or managed by you/your team directly can result in a ban from our system. For questions and more information please refer to our Terms of Use.

Who Controls/Maintains the Building Pages?

We build and maintain every building page on Tenavox. Our information is gleaned from a variety of sources, including tax records, partners and more. When a review is submitted and moderated initially we update a general page with basic reviews on that asset, and encourage the Landlord or their representative to respond. After that, Landlords can edit/update the information on their assets by managing a simple set of preferences and we will make the corrections as needed, on demand.

I'm a Landlord and Concerned About a Review Posted

Contact us, we'll do our best to answer your questions as best we can. In the meantime, we have some great ideas on how to respond to reviews right here (link to tips for LL's)

Should I Hire a Broker, Do I Need One?

You should consider hiring the right broker. Hopefully, here at Tenavox we will help show you what to look for in a broker and provide you with tools, resources and data, whether that includes a representative on your behalf or not. Ultimately we want to empower you to make the best decision for your business. We believe brokers bring a lot more value to a lease process than just finding a space or recommending a building. A great broker brings relationships and a wealth of experience to a transaction. We at Tenavox view ourselves as part of the commercial leasing process and a fantastic resource in a commercial lease, but we do not turnkey leases and bring executed documents to our members. We just believe you are a capable business owner who needs the best information available to make a better lease decision.

We believe in an educated membership, this makes Brokers, Landlords and Property Managers accountable for their services. Additionally, we use our reviews to give the highest recommended Brokers an opportunity to be recognized so our Members can receive the highest service possible if they choose to engage a Broker to represent them.

Brokers provide their clients with value in negotiations, time, efficiencies in the process and help. Many of our members are brokers, they use the information on Tenavox to serve their clients better. We fully support that. Still have more questions on how Brokers provide value? Please read our leasing guides for more information.

I Have More Questions, Can I Submit One to Tenavox?

Sure, shoot us an email and we'll answer you just as quick as we can.